How it works

  • Joining: we offer two membership options: monthly or yearly.

  1. Sign up for a monthly subscription and pay a membership fee of US$ 4.75, per month.

  2. Or sign up for an entire year and receive a 25% discount, making a one-time payment of US$ 42.75. (Please read the details for each option on our sign-up page.)

  • As a member you will enjoy access to all patterns as they are made available at any given moment on this website,  during the period covered by your membership. Thumbnails for all current and upcoming projects are displayed on the front page, so you can see at a glance what we are offering at any given point. To view the entire quilt project, just click on the thumbnail in question to go to that project page.
  • New installments are posted every Friday. E-mail notices are sent out to all members indicating what new installments have been posted. These weekly installments will be for at least 2 of the quilt patterns being offered at any given point... usually more. You can choose to sew the block(s) offered in each installment right away, or download and collect all the files for a particular quilt pattern to sew later.
  • Once the entire set of files for any given quilt pattern has been uploaded and made available to members, that set will remain available for another 3 weeks, and will then be removed to make way for a new quilt project. Previous quilt patterns will then be available only at retail prices through Angie's Quilt Pattern Shop.
  • Pattern files all include real size templates - no need to resize!

  • Patterns also offer step-by-step and illustrated sewing and assembly instructions (where indicated).

  • All patterns are made available as PDF files (in English only), to ensure accuracy in the size of the designs / templates.