2020 is a year no one will ever forget, with a pandemic that affected every single person in the world. It has been challenging, but there have also been learning experiences and lighter moments. This little lap quilt is a way to reminds us to see the funny side of things.

Finished size: 60 x 60

2020 Pandemic Lap Quilt

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Just what we need in such a time as this. A little humorous truth, to help us through this! Thank you and God bless you.

What a surprise!

This year should be immortalized in as many ways possible. And this is PERFECT!

lo voy ha hacer

I would like to join so that I can make the Covid quilt but I see that you are on month 2. If I join with a year long subscription today, will I be able to get the blocks 1-5 now? I read on your website that if you miss a month for any reason you can't get the blocks - does that apply to this? Do I need to wait until you sell the pattern next year?

I think you are referring to our other website. Here at The Applique Garden you can access any and all blocks at any time during the period of your membership. So If you sign up, you will be able to access all the blocks for the 2020 quilt.

I saw a pattern on your pages a few days ago, but cannot find it again. It was an applique pattern of big trucks. Could you help me find it?

Berit Dalby

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