Festa Junina

Festa Junina, or the June Festival, is a Brazilian celebration featuring costumes, traditional music and dance, typical foods and drinks, and a month’s worth of festivities. Because this festival celebrates the harvest, events can take on a rural theme, as do the costumes, which resemble a typical countryside style and conjure images of farmers. Dancing is also an important part of the celebrations and is centered around the quadrilha, a type of square dancing often danced around a bonfire, where couples dress up in Western style costumes. The women typically wear makeup and paint freckles on their faces while men may paint on a mustache and a goatee. Accompanying the dancing is forró, a music genre played with an accordion, a zabumba, and a triangle and is an uplifting, fast-paced genre of music popular throughout Brazil, especially during the Festa Junina.

Finished quilt size: 36 x 38"



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